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Harness the Data Challenges in Project Management

Sustainable success is contingent upon an organization’s capability to be agile and innovative with its data. Businesses are in dire need of IT professionals and Project Managers who possess adequate data management skills. It is estimated that by year 2017, the data management market will expand to $50 billion, while the need for skilled managers and analysts for data management projects will grow to 1.5 million.  This would mean higher demand and salary for project managers and analysts specialized in data related projects.

Why should you take the Applied Data Project Management course now?

  • Currently, almost all IT projects are impacted by data in some form or shape
  • Data related job market is growing to 1.5 million by 2017
  • On daily basis, there are an average of 57,000 Project Management jobs with Data skills as key requirement

What are the Immediate Benefits to you as an IT project manager?

  • Learn the skills to manage data tasks in your project to avoid scope creep, poor quality, negative side effects.
  • Improve your project communication with key stakeholders related to data
  • Manage project risks associated to impacted downstream systems, processes, and data
  • Ensure project success sustainability by enabling data governance though your projects
  • Become a conduit for positive enterprise changes through successful data project management
  • Increase your job market opportunities and higher income by qualifying for growing data project market.

Join Xendat’s Applied Data Project Management Training and gain substantial competitive edge in the future job markets.

In the training, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Data Management
  • MDM, Data Quality, Big Data, BI, Data Governance, and other Data Projects Requirements
  • Enterprise Projects Impacting Data
  • Data Management Tasks In Project Lifecycle
  • Roles & Responsibilities In Data Projects
  • Working With Data Governance Organizations
  • Ensuring On Time, On Budget Data Projects
  • Managing Risks In Data Projects
  • Data Stakeholder Management
  • Specializing In Data Management Projects

Who should attend this training?

  • Project Managers for projects in ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, Big Data, Data Analytics, Master Data Management, Supplier Data Management, and other enterprise initiatives
  • Business and IT Project Managers specializing in Oracle, SAP, Hadoop, Teradata, SQL Server, and others enterprise technologies
  • IT Managers & Project Analysts involved in business projects
  • Certified PMPs wishing to gain continuous education credits in high demand skill sets

Xendat Analytics has offered data management training throughout the world since 2005. It has trained over 800 professionals in 9 countries from many industries, such as Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Mining, High Technologies, Manufacturing, etc.

This course is offered @ $1,550 for a two day in classroom session  or

$395 online!

Register for Online Course Now for Only $395

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Groups of 3 or more will get deep discounts.  Please contact us for details.

Also, This training qualifies for 14 units of PMP Continuous Education requirements.
Contact us:   1-949-244-6037, or

Sample Certification

Applied Data Project Management Certification


“This class was very informative, pace of the course allows for interaction and absorption of information.“  – K. Beghtel, Seasoned PM

“I really enjoyed the class and how knowledgeable the instructor is on the subject matter.“ – K. Cook, PMP

“I expected to understand very little, but got so much out of it. I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the class. The teacher was great and answered all our questions.”

– C. Choksy, PhD, PMP

“I find the course so valuable as a project management professional…the information and data governance framework is an area, which the systems integrators quite often overlook. The framework that needs to exist in order to have efficient operations after (the systems integrators leave), is brought out in the course contents.”
    – Mitsukuni Shinohara, PMP

“I felt liked I just gained another PhD!”  – Anonymous, PMP