Predictive Analytics provide the ability to predict a business outcome in advance based on historical data. Predictive Analytics can greatly improve operational decision making on case by case basis to improve profitability or risk mitigation.  Preditive analytics arms a business with a solid competetive edge that puts them ahead of their induystry.

Xendat’s Descriptive Analytics uses BI and data mining techniques to ask: “what has happened?” by analyzing the existing operational data to provide trending information on past or current events that can offer business stakeholders the insights they need for future actions.

Text Analytics can collect, analyze, and act on customer interactions from a variety of text based communications, including support tickets, emails, and call transcription. Xendat’s Text Analytics, services can quickly sort through thousands of unstructured data points to surface enterprise customer service issues that demand immediate attention, as well as those that are starting to bubble beneath the surface.

Xendat’s Sentiment Analysis services can discover in depth insight into the attitude expressed by customers through call center interactions, social media, verbal, and email communications to shed light into potential risk or issues in products and services provided to them.  Customer sentiment awareness has proven to be a significant competitive edge for businesses in a growing and yet highly competitive landscape.

One of the greatest challenges facing organizations who adopt an analytics program is the deployment of those analytics models into the real world operational system to reap the benefits of these models.  Xendat can rapidly help analytics teams to deploy their analytics models into their existing systems or data integration platforms.

Xendat’s data preparation services are designed to help analytics projects identify key data points for analytics, as well as prepare and clean those input parameters for best results. The insights resulted from an analytics project are only as reliable as the quality and completeness of the data that is used to produce the analytics.  Data preparation has many facets that need to be managed in a thorough and methodical fashion.  Analytics is not an academic expertise; these processes need to be repeatable and scalable for a production environment.


Data migration and integration from and to legacy system is always complex and costly in most IT project. Xendat’s Intelligent ETL process uses a steamless lean methodology to ensure an accurate and timely data integration with verifiable ROI.

Data Migration and Integration for Big Data has generally been a manual and tedious process lacking scalability as well as maintainability. Xendat Big data ETL leverages our strong partnership and in depth experience with Talend Big Data integration platform to rabidly build state of the art ETL solutions that shorten the development time by as much as 80%.

Xendat’s Apache SPARK Integration services bring together strong industry experts in Big Data and SPARK, armed with Talend SPARK integration platform that enables rapid development of integration with SPARK for Hadoop as well as legacy data warehouse environment. We build reusable workflow driven SPARK ETL jobs that are developed at a fraction of time and cost of the manually developed ETL code common in Big Data deployments.

BI Systems require high performance data integration with many complex ETL connectivity pipes.  Xendat’s intelligent ETL uses a lean and quality driven approach to provide a scalable and easy to manage BI integration with full traceability and data lineage capability that is demanded by business power users. This provides high level of transparency and accountability in BI reporting.


On average 80% of valuable enterprise data is embedded in documents and unstructured content; even though these documents are used in business operations on a day to day basis. Xendat can extract valuable data from forms, contracts, legal agreements, emails, support cases, and any other documents.  Extracted data is presented in fully structured and normalized format and can be integrated into existing IT data stack.


Forms are still a large data capture mechanism for many business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer operations.  Most operations which process form, manually read and enter the information from these forms into their operational systems at great cost and risk of human errors.  Xendat uses an advanced contextual OCR technology to extract from data and produce structured data output which can easily be integrated into existing operational systems.

Documents and text content hold a significant amount of valuable data that can be used for business operations as well as business intelligence reporting.  Xendat has developed the only data modeling methodology for building logical and physical data model for documents in the industry. A document data model can identify any useful direct and inferred data attributes from documents.  In one case, Xendat was able to extract over 120 attribute from a legal document, while the client had previously only identified 16!

There has been a great deal of effort in the industry to extract data from documents both manually and systematic. However, the output structured data is not integrated fully with the existing operation and BI systems. Xendat provides the full data integration capabilities of document data into existing operational and reporting system. This enable end users to incorporate these valuable data attributes into their existing business processes to enhance their productivity.

The new generation of Data driven business

Data is flowing in, within, and out of business organizations rapidly and in increasing quantity.  A data driven business manages data to make informed business decisions. The Xendat solution for Data Driven Business reduces your risk arising out of mismanaged data, providing quality analytics for trusted data and trusted decisions.

Sales and Marketing

Data driven sales is an integrated practice of driving sales operations and decision making based on trusted data to facilitate near real time sales analytics, quality sales reporting, and faster sales cycles.

Human Resources and Auditing

Data driven human resources is an adaptable system of managing labor needs, employment lifecycles and preserving corporate knowledge while easily complying to new and changing regulations.

Data driven finance is the consolidation of financial data systems to facilitate near real time analytics, increased quality of financial data, and reduced reporting cycle times.

Supply chain &

Data driven supply chain is an optimized system of supply chain data which improves inventory levels, lower costs, and reduced risks.


Xendat team is made of a group of experienced data scientists who are passionate about data and the value it can bring to people and businesses.

team image
Majd Izadian
CEO, Architect
team image
John Flaxman
Vice President, Sales
team image
Alex Hirner
Text Analytics Advisory Board
team image
Mitsukuni Shinohara
Data Security Advisory Board
team image
Dionne Mischler
Sales Strategy Advisory Board
team image
Abbas Shojaee, MD
Health Data Science Advisory Board
team image
Rodrigo Rritis
CFO Advisory Board
team image
Pete Anderson
MDM Advisory Board
CorVel (Insurance)

Predictive Analyics project with multiple predictive models with significant ROI in processing worker’s compensation more effectively and with greater cost savings.

Huawei (China, High Tech)

MDM Strategy and Architecture

Including Employee, Customers, Partners, Products.

Yodlee ( Finance )

MDM Data Model and DQ Benchmarking

Including Accounts, Customers, Banks.

WorkplaceIQ (Corporate Real Estate)

Over 30 Data Migration Projects for Corporate Real Estate, for clients such as Microsoft, McKasson, Ryder, Boeing, and others. B2B Data Integration using BizTalk and WebMethods for Transctions data.

Including Properties, Projects, Leases, Payments, Abstracts.


Xendat blog comprises of brain children of top notch industry specialists with vast experiences in their respective fields.

As I discussed in Part 1 portion of this blog, MDM is not a tool, but rather is a discipline that can be implemented in an organization through a program.


I once told an executive of a very large company who asked me about MDM tools that, “Most MDM tools are scams!” Ok, I may have made some people unhappy


I am a project manager in a very large public utility in California and work on infrastructure and compliance projects. Having attended and achieved the Xendat Blue Belt in Information


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